Princeton Security Technologies has provided superior quality consumables for Explosives Trace Detection (ETD) at the most cost effective prices in the market.

With the increased need for bomb and explosives detection by both airport security and port security the need for a reliable source for trace detection supplies at reasonable prices is a constant, for government agencies and private companies alike. PST has squarely met that need.

PST products are engineered for specific applications, not reverse-engineered. Our materials and methods yield the highest quality consumables for both the Smiths Detection IonScan 500 DT and the Morpho Itemiser. PST products are produced in ISO 9002-compliant facilities, and are strictly quality controlled. This assures you results will be consistently accurate, at a fraction of the OEM cost.

With a new collection swab or trap required every 8 – 10 samples, many busy facilities spend hundreds of dollars daily on consumables. PST can help you control your costs.

PST swabs for the Smiths Detection IonScan 500DT and PST traps for the Morpho Itemiser (formerly IonTrak) were designed to maximize collection capability, have been tested both independently and by the TSA/DHS Transportation Security Laboratory, and found to be a quality replacement for the manufacturer’s products.

Princeton Security Technologies the most stringent quality standards. We are dedicated to providing high-quality swabs, traps, and filters for all types of trace detection equipment.

We are happy to discuss any needs you may have or can foresee, for specific products.

To get samples of PST swabs, traps or filters, email us at: or call us at 215-458-4181

What Makes PST® the Best

  • Cost Effective
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Maximized Collection Capability
  • Made In the U.S.A. from American materials

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